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Baby Bootcamp class

Due to popular demand, I have designed a Baby Bootcamp workshop for soon to be parents. In this workshop, we will explore topics about the early postnatal period in an interactive and relaxed setting.The class aims to prepare parents-to-be in caring for their new baby with confidence. Please see below for a non-exhaustive list of the topics discussed/demonstrated.

What to expect from the Baby Bootcamp class:



Next class: ​

  • Upcoming classes cancelled for the time being due to Covid-19


Dublin Wellness Centre

28 William St S, Dublin, D02 DX47

Cost is €150 per couple.  Some private health insurance companies may reimburse you for part, or all, of the workshop, so do ring them and ask! 

I offer a 20% discount on all subsequent classes booked after attending a Hypnobirthing class.

What to expect

  • What happens in that ‘Golden hour’ after baby is born?

  • Early days with your baby – caring for your newborn and the emotional side of having a baby.

  • First few weeks with baby

  • Practical skills for newborn care-(Bathing, Changing Nappies etc)

  • GP Check-ups/ Vaccinations   

  • Baby Wearing (how to use slings)

  • CPR & Heimlich Manoeuvre for babies and toddlers    (2 hour training by a certified trainer)

  • Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding

  • Discussion/Demonstration on methods of feeding a newborn baby

  • and more...

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