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Birth Stories

How did previous class participants experience their own birth? (shared with consent)
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Fiona & Garvan

Hi Aleanbh,

I have been meaning to write to you. Baby Shea Patrick McCarthy arrived in a hurry on the 24/6 in Galway!! My husband was groomsman at our friends wedding and I went into labour at 2:30am on the morning of the wedding. Shea arrived at 6:40am at Galway University hospital. All I had with me was the dress I was wearing that day and the hynobirthing files on my phone. 


It was an amazing powerful moving experience! The bath at UHG and hynobirthing really helped me. I just let my body do its thing and I went along for the ride! 


I had a vaginal birth & didn't have any pain relief. Having my Hypnobirthing music with me stopped me from panicking. And it was a quick birth just like the affirmations! 


We're almost about over the shock! Shea is flying it. He's 11weeks now and over 14lbs. Heading back to Galway this weekend for a family get together. (glutton for punishment)


I kept an open mind about my birth and the hynoBirthing throughout my pregnancy but it proved to be a real life saver.





Emma & Eoin

Hi Aleanbh, 

My name is Emma. I attended your hypnobirthing classes in Dublin back in July/Aug with my husband Eoin.

I just wanted to email you to thank you for all your information, advice & words of wisdom. We welcomed our baby girl, Annie, into the world on the 15th of November, in the Coombe Hospital. The visualizations, relaxation techniques and the understanding I had going in, allowed me to have a natural birth after having an epidural on my first pregnancy with our other daughter Lucy. And although it was painful at times, I totally surprised myself & felt hugely proud of being able to deliver baby Annie naturally (particularly when I heard her weight 9lb 9 oz!!) and that's all thanks to your classes.


I will, without a doubt, be recommending your classes to friends & family who are expecting.


Lastly, at the class you mentioned you were expecting your second child. I do hope your pregnancy is going well and I wish you all the best in the coming months.


I would love you to share my birth story on your website. I feel hypnobirthing is something everyone should be aware of.


A massive thank you 


Best regards,

Emma, Eoin & baby Annie



AnneMarie & Paul


Attending Aleanbh's Hypnobirthing classes was a hugely positive and rewarding experience. The classes were great, Aleanbh is warm, welcoming and we learned so much about Hypnobirthing in a relaxed atmosphere. Aleanbh shared so much of her knowledge as a midwife that we found we went to our antenatal classes really well prepared and armed with more information and much clearer ideas about the things that were important to us in our birthing plan.


After the classes I felt much more confident and relaxed about the birth. We practiced the Hypnobirthing exercises regularly. I found the MP3s particularly helpful. I have a stressful job and was having difficulty sleeping and the MP3s really helped me to relax and fall asleep.


Throughout the pregnancy my consultant and the midwives in the Rotunda were very supportive of the Hypnobirthing. I had really wanted a natural birth but understood that it is not always possible. As the days passed and I waited for our new arrival I found the Hypnobirthing really helpful in keeping me calm. 


Our baby was born eleven days late. The baby had not dropped and my consultant was concerned and brought me in for an induction with propess. The propess didn't trigger labour and my consultant felt that due to the position of the baby it would be safest to have a Caesarean section. At this point I found the breathing exercises so helpful. I don't think I could have remained as calm if I had not done the classes.


Mia arrived safe and well on 22/06/17. Paul did skin to skin with her while I was in recovery for about an hour and she latched on and fed as soon I held her in my arms. Although it wasn't the birth plan we had imagined it was the most beautiful, moving and amazing experience of our lives. We are so in love with our little girl. Thank you Aleanbh for your help on our journey. Thanks for your support and kindness. Your passion for your work really comes across. I'll continue recommending your classes to friends. Here's a photo of Mia you can include on your website. Best wishes for the future!



Anne Marie and Paul 


Fiona & David

Hi Aleanbh,

Unfortunately myself and David will be unable to attend the second class on Sunday because our little princess Aoibheann Rose Campbell decided to join us on our last hurrah in Kerry! 


Thanks so much for everything you taught us in the first class it really came in brilliant! No pain relief needed just controlled my breathing... thinking of the beach myself and David got engaged on (keem bay in mayo) and Derrynane beach where we enjoying the sunshine a few hours before she arrived!


Your wise words were invaluable during that class and even though we had nothing with us, no clothes, no doc notes and no birth preference it all came together in the end. 


Please feel free to share this... tell them that once your both positive and there for each other that's all you need!!


Thanks again for everything!!


David, Fiona and Aoibheann xxx



Cristina  & Derek


Hi Aleanbh,

Our baby girl Nahia was born at 5am on Sunday morning and we just wanted to write you a quick word to say thank you so much for your help and support. 


Hypnobirthing was a great help and even though I didn't get to use the pool (it went very quick from 3cm to pushing) we had a natural birth (I used gas & air for the pushing but for me that was still a success!) with all the rest of our preferences respected and fully supported by the staff.


It was an extraordinary experience and I thank you and hypnobirthing so much for helping me through it. We will write to you with more detail once things have settled here but we just wanted to let you know all went great and and to thank you very much for everything.

We hope all is well with you. And again thank you so so much for everything. We'll be in contact soon.


Best wishes

Cristina & Derek




Hi Aleanbh,

Thank you so much for all that you taught us during your classes. We had our first baby our son Liam in the birthing pool in the Coombe on the 19/12/16. I had the music you gave us playing in the background on my laptop. I listened to it on my phone on the way to the hospital.  I didn't need an epidural. No one believed that I was in labour because I was so calm. I stayed at home for most of the day etc. It just couldn't have gone any better. I had a three hour delivery. I went with it all in a calm fashion. I didn't resist one pain/surge. 


Hypnobirthing gave me the mental resolve to do this using the breathing techniques. I gave birth on all fours in the pool. The midwife told me to get ready to grab my baby. He shot out and I grabbed him. I was the first person to see him. I got to tell my husband and midwife that it was a boy. I loved that. I had a really strong bond because of the surge or oxytocin. 


Hypnobirthing had a big role to play in this great experience.


Go raibh míle maith agat, 


Sorcha Halligan




Fionn & Fiona

Here is the cuteness

on day 8...

Hi Aleanbh,


Just wanted to update you... We had a little baby girl - Rosalie (Rosie) after my mum. Almost 9 lbs and 15 days over - a little wrinkly but perfect! Feeling so lucky and empowered by the experience which was a close to my preferences as possible. 


Thanks so much for your encouragement and kindness as a midwife, mum and teacher.  In the end, I had to go in to the Coombe. I was induced with oxytocin drip but got through it with my breathing and a bit of gas and air, avoided the epidural and birthed Rosie naturally on my knees in under 4 hours. The hypnobirthing course really helped with my confidence, although I must admit it was the most intense experience of my life!  We all went home that evening as a family as per our written preferences and after baby and me were fully checked. Our (Private) midwife Madelaine stayed overnight for extra support and has been helping us get used to baby and parenting since.


Rosie is feeding really well and doing great on all counts. She is a content and healthy little thing. We are missing our sleep but loving our little one!


Again, Fiona and I just want to say a huge thank you for your support, advice and general kindness. It was so lovely to bump into you in the hospital that day - really reassuring :) Keep up the great work Aleanbh, you bring a lovely calm energy as a midwife and as an educator - your other soon to be parents need you! I'd highly recommend your course to others, particularly for mums needing a bit if reassurance like myself. I'm so proud of myself now after the birth and it was an incredible experience!


Thanks and best wishes,

Fionn, Fiona and Rosie






Hi Aleanbh,

Thanks for dropping in to see Ben while I was on the ward. He's doing great, he was a month old on Friday.


Hypnobirthing made my birthing experience enjoyable. I was induced which was totally out of my control, I kept calm and just went with the flow. I had my waters broken just after 11 and was put on Syntocinon straight away.The contractions picked up very fast but at 13.30 I was still 3cm dilated (which I as from the day before). An hour later I was 8cm and felt like pushing. The labour was very intense, breathing and the 'positive statements' track helped me get through it. Doing the hypnobirthing class gave me a 'power', I knew what my body was doing and that I can do it.  Baby Ben arrived at 2.55 on the 26th April. I couldn't have done it without your class.


Thank you so much!





Tara & Jason


Hi Aleanbh,


This has taken a long time to get to you given that your class was in May! Tadhg was born on 20th July, 2016 at 9.38pm. It was my own birthday and the best present I could have asked for!! He was born in the water pool in the Coombe with minimal interventions in terms of monitoring. There were no sweeps at the 40 week check despite being offered. I went myself at 40+2.  There were no drugs involved. This I felt I couldn't have managed without your hypnobirthing class.


On the Tuesday night I started to feel a little bit crampy. We still managed to go do a grocery shop! These cramps seemed to come and go and I just kept focusing on my up breathing and remembering the passages when they were happening. I did put on my tens machine which I think was more of a distraction than anything. Jason said he felt I managed better once I took the tens off.  By the early hours of the morning we had made contact with the Coombe who advised us to stay home until I felt I couldn't manage. We went into the Coombe for 8.30 to be told the cervix was still closed and high and to go home that I might be back later or the day after. We went home at 9.30. It was very disappointing but I just kept remembering that this had to be the thinning before dilation that you had spoken of and so my body was still doing lots of work!


We came home and I just went into myself, all the practise we had done listening to tracks and breathing really came in useful and I just got into the zone! You do definitely have to practise The more the better!! By 2pm we were back in the Coombe. I really doubted how much progress I had made but Jason had been watching and timing and said the surges had gone to 3 minutes apart before we left the house. The midwife checked and I was at 4cm. We had decided to use the birthing pool if it was available. It was in use so we said we would wait, we walked corridors and sat in admissions room, I just focused on my up breathing.


I got into the pool at 5pm and at the first check I had gone to 6cm. I had my show in the bathroom. My waters broke in the pool. I did remember saying to Jason that it would get more intense at that point. Jason was a great coach, he kept me focused on my breathing. It is amazing how you just trust your instincts. Your body knows what it needs to do. It was incredibly intense but the surges were manageable once I focused on my breathing. And I knew with every surge I was one step closer. I knew the first three deep breaths were the hardest and the next three were easier and then it would relax. At 9.20 pm the midwife checked me again and said I was ready to push at next surge. By 9.38pm Tadhg was born! It was lovely, I got to pull him out the water myself. The placenta was delivered naturally and there was immediate skin to skin and feeding once I was out of pool! 


I just wanted to say thank you for your class. I found it very useful, and would recommend it to anyone who is pregnant! I also wouldn't have known about signing the form for a water birth beforehand without you.  I definitely achieved the birth that I wanted. He's a very happy little man so far! And very calm. Hopefully it stays this way!

Keep up the good work!! 

Thank you once again



Caroline & Patrick


Hi Aleanbh, 

I just wanted to email you with an update on the birth of our beautiful baby boy.  

He was born on Sunday 9th October, 2016 at 11.11am, weighing 8lbs 14 ozs.


My contractions started on Saturday at around lunch time.  We used hypnobirthing at home until we went to the hospital at around 10.15pm.  


Patrick set up our mood lighting and I continued with my MP3 player and the hypnobirthing tracks you sent.  Patrick continued to keep me focused and talk me through the visualisations.  We also used the massage techniques to keep my breathing deep and relaxed.  


I used the gas and air and didn't even feel the need for anything stronger.  The only unplanned part of the delivery was the use of a suction cap as Cillian was just too big and too comfy inside to make his way out!  

We both feel that without your hypnobirthing classes we would never have had the relaxed birth experience that we had.  We feel it has also influenced Cillian as a baby.  He is very content, rarely cries and is very alert.  

Thank you so much for all of your help and coaching in the classes.  It really made the delivery a special experience.  

Many thanks, Caroline and Patrick Whelan (and baby Cillian)!


Christina & Colm

Hi Aleanbh,

Colm & I are delighted to announce the safe arrival of baby Anna, born Tuesday Sept 20, 2016 at 11:18am, 7 lbs 10 oz. 


We are so in love with her.


We had a Natural birth only gas and air for 15mins. We stayed at home as long as poss. Avoiding unit 3 in Holles street. The Active labour was 2hrs 20mins in total and I used all the yoga positions & breathing recommended at out HB class whilst listening to colour & calmness during the birth. We had listened to that one together every single night since we attended your class and it helped both of us sleep well. We were lucky to have a very supportive midwife and nurse who helped me through the more difficult surges. They respected my wishes for natural birth.  

Colm was calm and incredibly supportive using the different affirmations.  Anna arrived 1 week 'early' 39+1. She is feeding well (breast) and in her first week only lost 4% body fat. We are on cloud nine!!

 The whole experience 

Thank you so so much for your training and wise words!!  

It truly couldn't have gone smoother. 

We are so grateful ! x 


All the very best, 


Christina, Colm & Anna 


Jillyan & Mark


Hi Aleanbh,

I hope your well! Just wanted to get in touch and let you know how things went for myself and my partner Mark! We did your Hypnobirthing course in May and our beautiful son Ben arrived safely (2 days early) on June 26th, 2016 at 16:41 weighing 7lbs and 13ozs and 54cm long! We are totally smitten with him. 

The hypnobirthing course was the best decision I have ever made, I have recommended it to any couple that I have come across! Holles street also asked would I write a letter to them explaining why I believed hypnobirthing had such a huge impact on our birth experience because I kept ranting and raving about how fantastic it was. The midwives in there are very keen to try and involve Hypnobirthings techniques within their antenatal class so they thought I could help them with that by explaining the advantages it had on our experience so I intend to write them a letter to try and help them with getting it introduced.


Our birth couldn't have gone any better. 


We believe that hypnobirthing was 100% to thank for our birth being such a great experience, it made us such a strong team and gave us so much knowledge about what could happen so we felt so prepared for what was thrown at us. 6 weeks down the line and Ben is a very happy, healthy and calm baby 12 lb baby :) We are so happy with how everything has been.


We cant thank you enough Aleanbh, I have recommended you to anyone who will listen to me rant and rave to them about hypnobirthing and hopefully some day in the future we'll see you again for maybe a refresher course before we expand our family!

Jillyan, Mark & Ben

Paddy & Helen

Hi Aleanbh,

Our little boy Charlie arrived safely by C-Section on 14 October as he was breech and wouldn't move despite every effort and being on all fours for about eight hours a day! It went very smoothly and I used the visualisations to keep calm. PIctures of Charlie attached :-)Thanks for your help and hopefully will have a chance to use all techniques next time :-).




Marta & Kuba

Hello Aleanbh

Hope you're well.

Just wanted to let you know that on July 20th, 2016 (4 days before her DD) our little baby girl Matilda made her journey earth side.

We had a beautiful birth, thanks to your hypnobirthing workshop & mp3 tracks. 
I tested positive for GBS a few weeks before my dd. I was aware that once my water went and I got my two dozes of antibiotics I would have to be induced. 

My water broke at 2pm on July 19th. We arrived at NMH at 4:30. I got my first round of antibiotics at 6pm. No surges as of yet. Sent Kuba home. Got my second dose of antibiotics at 10pm and was waiting for a bed over in delivery ward for induction.

Within next 45min, while I was laying down and resting on my bed I felt that she dropped in my bump and felt a very strong period pain. And a few minutes later, I knew they were surges. I started timing them; 40 secs long every 3 minutes. I informed my midwife about my surges and asked to have an induction called off. 

At around 11:30pm Kuba arrived and he started massaging me, just like you did teach him. At 2am I was checked for dilation, 4cm. At 4:30am my midwife wanted to check again but I refused, it was too painful for me to get on a bed. I then started feeling this urge to push. She had to recognise the sound I made because she then brought a wheelchair and took me to delivery ward. 

I was 8cm when I got there.

Matilda was born at 5:19am, 3300grams and 52cm long. 

Just as we dreamed, we had a drug free (no gas, no epidural) birth. It was calm, relaxed and I really felt in control. I only used TENs machine and listened to the Katharine Graves hypnobirthing tracks. Kuba was an amazing support by doing the massage, counter pushing and making sure I was well hydrated. 

Thank you again for your workshop, it did reach us so much!   


Dorinda & David

Hi Aleanbh, We just wanted to let you know that our little one arrived April 13th, 2016 at 4:58am. We had possibly the best birth experience that we could have hoped for thanks to nature and all that we learnt in your hypnobirthing class. I had a SROM in the early hours of April 12th, we went into Holles St to be checked and I was given the option to go home to see if contractions would start naturally in the next 24hours. As soon as we got home we used various relaxation techniques that you thought so that we could encourage good hormones to get things going. Finally & thankfully things got going that afternoon so by evening we were back in and assessed in the delivery ward. I wasn't quite there in terms of dilation so we discussed our birth plan and what our preferences were. The midwife looking after us at that time took it all on board and recommended that once I went to the labour ward for things to pick up that I stay there for as long as I could as that would help us achieve our birth preferences. And so we did and oh boy did it pick up! We alternated gravity poses during the contractions to get baby moving down and also used shower and heat packs for coping techniques. David remembered your massage techniques and didn't stop and it was a huge comfort and I kept a positive mind frame. Once contractions were 1minute long and two minutes apart I was assessed and then brought to the delivery ward. They again went over our birth plan with us and I reiterated that my main concern was that I did not want a epidural. I am so grateful for all that was taught to us in class, I didn't know how I would cope during labour but I hoped that some of it would be useful and turns out ALL of it was. I was able to mentally coach myself through the pain that it was all good, my body was working as it should and that once I didn't panic, baby wouldn't and we could work together to release all the hormones we needed to get us through it. And it worked, three and a bit hours later, with half an hour of active labour. No pain relief, great support from David and minimal coaching from the midwives Miss Isla Carroll was born at 4:58am. We are absolutely so grateful to you for all the encouragement, advice, techniques and information provided and also to the midwives in Holles St that followed our birth preference plan and allowed us the time to let things happen naturally and at its own pace.

Thank you so much from David, myself and our new family member, Isla xx


Oh and PS. David's brother and his wife had their baby on April 2nd in the Coombe and you were there for some of the labour helping them and with your advice and encouragement Becca had a quick labour without the use of a epidural! And was so happy with their experience. Small world but just wanted to let you know you helped out two Carroll brothers & their wives.



Sinead & John


Hi Aleanbh,

Just a quick email to let you know myself and John welcomed a new baby boy called Senan into the world last Friday (13/5/16). It couldn't have gone any better for us. I spent the day here at home by myself staying active in early labour. I listened to music and focused on breathing.

John came home from  work around 5 o'clock and we decided to stay at home another while. We headed in to Holles Street at 9.30pm and Senan arrived at 10.15pm! I had managed to stay home for the entire first stage so I was thrilled! He's healthy and happy and we're delighted with him.

Ive already passed your details on to a friend of mine who is interested in hypnobirthing also. Thanks so much for the great advice and for giving me the confidence to labour the way I wanted! Sinead x


 Ivy was born 10 days 'late' weighing 9lbs 7 ozs all natural and peaceful with hypnobirthing. All down to you, thank you Aleanbh! 


Sabrina & Derek

I was very happy with the classes, I feel that Aleanbh is very passionate and dedicated to her job and also in helping people understand hypnobirthing, to help us achieve a very enjoyable birth at this very special time in our lives. Thank you for all your help, now to get loads of practice in. Thank you very very much Aleanbh.


Thank you so much for all the help that you gave me both leading up to the birth & during/after the birth. You were like a ray of sunshine coming into the room!

Andrea & Dairmud

I really enjoyed working with Aleanbh in preparation for the arrival of my first baby. It was a very busy and stressful time; I had a busy job and was really finding it difficult to prepare for baby's arrival as I had hoped.

Once I met Aleanbh all that changed. She made the learning and training accessible, interactive and fun. In fact hypnobirthing was hugely beneficial during the birth of our little girl. I found the breathing and visualisations particularly helpful. We also adapted the program to suit us which meant that it was a very personal and rewarding skill to bring to our natural birth.


Tara & Yalcin

I've been telling the world! You have a great vibe of fully believing in your teaching and enthusiasm that everyone will feed off.

You really did help to save my sanity by your wonderful teachings. I'll be calling you with no. 2 maybe next year ; -) xx

Mary & Fred

Hi Aleanbh, 

Myself and my husband Fred were in your Hypnobirthing class in October/ November 2015 and I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know we had a lovely little boy, Freddie, on January 1st. Unfortunately the birth wasn't quite as calm an experience as we were hoping for, I ended up having an emergency section. With that said, I just wanted to say thank you as I did feel more prepared for the experience. Hypnobirthing really worked for me while I was having my own contractions, but when I went on oxytocin I needed greater pain relief. I also felt that I could ask questions and had more of a say in the process than I would have had, had we not taken the class. I would definitely try Hypnobirthing again, if I were to have another baby and I have passed your details on to pregnant friends and colleagues. I wish you all the best for the future, thank you for all your help. Mary

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