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FAQ's answered...

Do you have a fear of birth?  Do you wonder how your partner will help you during labour and birth?

Do you want evidence-based information given in an easy to understand format?

Would you like to know where to go to get more information if/when you need it?


My Hypnobirthing classes will give you all of the above and more….

What is hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing, is an approach to birth which uses visualisations, relaxations and knowledge about the birth process (and the hospital birth process) to take the fear out of birth and to enable women to birth more confidently and calmly. Using breathing techniques previously learned and practiced, birthing women (also with the help of their birthing partners) are able to bring their mind and body together during childbirth, allowing the body’s natural hormones to be released, making birth easier and more efficient. 

Hypnobirthing helps to take the fear out of birth, simply put. Subsequently, it allows you to go into labour with a more calm and emotionally positive state. 

In my many years of experience teaching couples, I have come to understand that in order to fully prepare a couple, a wide range of topics need to be covered and this can only be achieved in a 2-day course. This also allows you to come back to the second class and discuss further any questions that might have come up. 

How will it help me?

I use material from the Hypnobirthing Association, UK, founded by Katharine Graves. The material is very relevant to maternity care/childbirth here in Ireland and is easy to understand and follow.

My classes will teach you about the changes your body goes through in childbirth. You will learn how to be calm, confident and relaxed, allowing the birth to proceed easily and efficiently.

As I am a qualified and registered midwife having worked in one of the biggest maternity hospitals in Dublin, I have first hand experience in the maternity care system and can advise on hospital policies and best available research based evidence.

What will I be able to do by the end of the classes?

You will be able to use the breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to maintain calm and a sense of deep relaxation, not only for birth but for pregnancy too. During birth, although you will be deeply relaxed and calm you will still be aware of your environment and the changes within your body. You will be in control and be able to make decisions.

I strongly advise that the birth partner also attend the classes so that they too can learn about the birth process and the importance of their presence and support during the birth. The birth partner is very much a part of the birth process! The birth partner will have a strong sense of their role not only during the birth but also for the duration of the pregnancy.

Often, couples feel that they have a greater trust in the birthing body and are free from negative thoughts associated with childbirth.

When should I take the classes?

The best time to participate in the classes is from 24-35 weeks. This ideal in allowing enough time to prepare yourself before the birth, but it is ONLY a guide. Everyone is different and one must also take into consideration their own personal circumstances.

The course is ​€315 per couple.   ​

The fee includes:

  • Small group sessions, in person. The classes are very SMALL & INTERACTIVE. 

  • Weekend classes, in person

  • Continued support via e-mail, phone or text, after the classes

  • mp3s & other course content, material & printouts

  • WinnerFlow and training now included

Location: Breathing Space, Cork Street, Dublin 8, D08 VHW1

* It is recommended that you purchase The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves from a platform such as Amazon, etc.

*Please contact your private health insurance provider as some, or all, of the cost may be covered by them as I am a qualified midwife registered with NMBI.

Once you have booked into a class, I will send you a link to the mp3s so that you can start listening to them before the class. Please do get in touch if you have any questions at all.

​​ ​​

Weekend Classes

(Location: Breathing Space, Dublin 8)


  • January 21st & 22nd (11am -5pm)

  • March 4th & 5th (11am -5pm)


We found all the information provided throughout the duration of the  class very insightful. This is our first baby so before we took your class, we had a very little idea of what to expect from the labour altogether. Now, we are so much more knowledgeable which translates into being more confident and prepared for whichever path our birthing takes

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