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Homebirth, you say?

The first intervention in birth, that a healthy woman takes, is when she walks out the front door of her home, in labour. From that first intervention, all others will follow". Dr. Michael Rosenthal – Obstetrician



o Care during pregnancy, labour/birth and postnatally by the same midwife

o All appointments are in your own home

o Antenatal appointments are individualised

o Additional support via text or phone calls or e-mail

o Midwife will liaise with any health care professional if review/ referral is required.


o If your homebirth is booked with Private Midwives or an SECM, you will

have the same midwife during the labour/birth

o Birth in your own home (unless a transfer to hospital is indicated)

o Care during birth is based on your Individual needs

o Labour and/or birth in a pool, if you wish

o Involvement of your chosen family members in your birth, if you wish


o All care in your own home with additional support via phone, text or email

o Advice and support during the postnatal period

o Assistance with breastfeeding

o Physical and emotional support for you as you adjust to your life with a new baby

ALL homebirth midwives are registered with NMBI (Irish Nursing & Midwifery Board), covered by insurance, and are up to date on all mandatory training.

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