Hypnobirthing is a technique used to maintain calm and relaxation during the pregnancy and birth

Baby massage is not only a great way to bond with your baby but it also eases symptoms of reflux, constipation, teething and even postnatal depression

Antenatal yoga is a great way to prepare your mind, body and soul for pregnancy, birth and motherhood

Practical tips and advice for mothers who intend to breastfeed

Private antenatal classes are the perfect way to prepare yourself with evidence-based information about pregnancy & birth

The class aims to prepare new parents to care for their new baby with confidence. We will cover everything from skin-to-skin in the first hour after birth to CPR/Heimlich manoeuvre for babies and toddlers

I am proud to announce that Ireland has its very first Spinning Babies Parent class! Help your baby get into the best position for birth. In this class, you will learn techniques and daily exercises to help make more room for the baby. In return, birth will be easier and smoother.

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