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Antenatal Yoga

Why should I attend antenatal yoga?

Antenatal yoga is one of the best forms of exercise that one can do during pregnancy as it promotes a healthy pregnancy. It does this by helping posture, keeping blood pressure normal, strengthening the pelvic floor, etc, all things that can be affected by pregnancy. It is also known to increase stamina and strength as well as blood circulation and balance within the body. Every class starts with breathing exercises, which can reduce anxiety and stress (especially if practiced regularly) and can be used for birth. Antenatal yoga is specially designed with pregnancy in mind.


It is often difficult to take time out of our busy lives to develop that special bond with the baby that you are growing. Antenatal yoga creates an environment in which this can be easily done. 

Antenatal yoga is suitable from 12 weeks onwards. Please let me know before class if you have any pregnancy symptoms/ complaints, as some yoga poses may need to be altered for you. 

This is a mixed ability class and so complete beginners are very welcome.

What do I need to know before the class?

- bring yoga mat and a bottle of water

- wear comfortable clothing

- don't eat a large meal before class

- let me know about any pregnancy symptoms or any other conditions that you feel need to be highlighted

Next classes:

No classes are scheduled at the moment



Please note that you will be requested to pay via bank transfer once you have booked your place in the workshop. Your place cannot be guaranteed until payment has been received.

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