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Midwifery Care

Antenatal care includes a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your well-being and the progress of your pregnancy.


Women may wish to attend if they want:


- a winner flow and demonstration.

- to set out their birth preferences.

- to discuss the options for place of birth.

- to discuss birth options (vaginal birth/ c-section).
- help understanding/ navigating the hospital policies.
- to understand their plan of care, set by the hospital.

- to discuss pain relief management and comfort measures.

- to discuss signs and stages of labour and understand the birth process.

- to have an open discussion about concerns that they have, and how to manage/overcome them.
- to discuss birth preparation, including signposting to appropriate classes and reading material.
- to do a Spinning Babies Parent Class  (please note this requires a booking of 3 appointments, and can be done over several weeks)

- Bloods such as a GTT or FBC done. (Additional fees for this service. I need to arrange a courier to the UK, so inform me in advance of the appointment)

- Breastfeeding education antenatally or assistance with breastfeeding postnatally.

Care offered during your appointment aims to:

- Provide evidence-based information, which will allow you to make better decisions during your pregnancy, labour/birth and the postnatal period. 
- Answer any questions you might have regarding your care, and advocate for you during your pregnancy if required.
- Monitor your well-being, and that of your baby, during the pregnancy by undertaking a physical examination at each appointment including taking your blood pressure, pulse, testing a urine sample (primarily for protein, glucose or signs of infection), an abdominal palpation (to assess your baby’s growth, in later stages of pregnancy, your baby’s position and presentation), and listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

In the appointment, I may discuss with you:

- Your medical, surgical and family history or any previous pregnancies or birth experiences.
- Your emotional and psychology well-being and/or any concerns, questions, or anxieties you may be experiencing. If further support is needed, I may direct you to these.
- Healthy nutrition and exercise, food safety, your practices regarding alcohol, medications, drug use, or any other potential environmental concerns, to help optimise your healthy pregnancy.
- Blood tests may be done, however this will need to be arranged before the appointment to allow for a courier service to be organised. Screening tests may identify any increased chance of disease or conditions that may affect you or your baby, thus reducing the likelihood of complications.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

*You can choose a 30 min or a 1-hour antenatal/ postnatal appointment.*

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