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Baby Massage

Join me for a lovely and relaxing 5 week baby massage course. Baby massage is ideal for parents as it enhances the natural bond that develops and allows the parent to learn about their baby through gentle stroking techniques. Each class encompasses learning new stroking techniques as well as reviewing techniques from the previous class. These techniques will:

  •       help to soothe your baby

  •       improve your baby's sleep pattern

  •       help reduce and relieve wind & colic

  •       help with  baby's weight gain

  •       help to strengthen the immune system      

It is suitable for newborns up to pre-crawlers. The class is completely baby-led, so don't worry if your little one nods off, gets cranky or simply needs a feed during the class. 

The class is followed by a good old cuppa, treats and a chat about whatever comes to mind.

I am running a set of baby massage classes for mums and a separate set for dads (mums, please use this time to a book, watch Netflix, or sleeeeeeep!)

Next classes:

For the mummies:

will be held in the New Year 2020

For the daddies:

will be held in the New Year 2020

Cost of the class is €125. If you wish to join us for an additional set of Baby Massage classes, I would be delighted to offer you a 20% discount. This includes massage oil and class notes detailing massage strokes. 

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