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Hypnobirthing Class




2 days


About the Course

Hypnobirthing is an approach to birth which uses visualisations, relaxations and knowledge about the birth process (and the hospital birth process) to take the fear out of birth and to enable women to birth more confidently and calmly.

You will be able to use the breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to maintain calm and a sense of deep relaxation, not only for birth but for pregnancy too. During birth, although you will be deeply relaxed and calm you will still be aware of your environment and the changes within your body. You will be in control and be able to make decisions.

I strongly advise that the birth partner also attend the classes so that they too can learn about the birth process and the importance of their presence and support during the birth. The birth partner is very much a part of the birth process! The birth partner will have a strong sense of their role not only during the birth but also for the duration of the pregnancy.

As a guide only, I recommend taking the class anywhere from 24-35 weeks.

Your Instructor

Aleanbh Cox

Aleanbh is a qualified and practicing midwife. Having qualified in Trinity in 2011 with a BSc Honours degree in Midwifery, she went on to work in Delivery Suite, Domino Services and is now a Homebirth Midwife.

Aleanbh Cox
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