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30 minutes


About the Course

The Winner Flow is a biocompatible mouthpiece that is used during breathing exercises. It was first designed by a French physiotherapist to help with rehabilitation and for toning the abdominal pelvic floor. (acceptable in surgical rooms). It is now being used to help women in labour and during the birth of their baby (or babies) to control their breathing. But this method of breathing helps not only with the actual breathing it also helps to engage the abdominal muscles…and during birth it has an amazing effect which I have been able to see for my own eyes recently!

The mouthpiece can be set to different resistance ‘levels’ which can be changed as the labour progress in order to get the abdominal muscles to engage more and to help refocus breathing.

Your Instructor

Aleanbh Cox

After seeing so many women benefit from using the WinnerFlow during labour, Aleanbh is so excited to be able to teach women about it's benefits and how to use it.

Aleanbh Cox
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